I have to admit, for years I have always looked down a bit on those “give in” and have sex before marriage.  ‘Just control yourself.  You aren’t animals,’ I would think to myself.  Then again, its easy to preach self control when your sexual experience amounts to a handful of first dates, a couple of obligatory pecks on the cheek, and personal time with the internet, fingers and a vibrator.

But I’ve met someone and we are venturing into the world of real life, semi-long distance relationships.  I was recently able to be with him for an all too short weekend.  It was wonderful.  Better than I could have imagined it being.  And oh so tempting to just throw caution, safety, conversation, and common sense out the window.  Even now, I’m thinking that if he were to walk through my door I would waste very little time before getting naked.  For today I feel an urgency in my want to be with him once again.

And so today I have to admit that I get it now.  I get how easy it can be to get swept away in a moment and the work required for at least one person to keep a clear head and stay thinking while we are together.  And today, I must apologize and beg forgiveness of all those who I was less than gracious with then the moment got the best of them.



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