If Only…the ending

There is most certainly some in between stuff but I haven’t figured out exactly how I want to write that.  This is where I imagined the ending….

A Trip to the Ruins

Samantha couldn’t wait to be done with classes for the term.  She had arranged to escape to the Scottish highlands for a few days after her last final and simply disappear.  All she wanted to do was hike, explore the ruins of several castles in the area, and sleep.  She hadn’t been able to believe her luck at finding the cottage to rent at such a cheap rate.  It was perfectly located a couple of miles away from people on an acreage which, and this was the part which sealed the deal, had it’s own castle ruins hidden away in the woods.  They were privately owned and thus, not open to the public with the only access path starting right at her little cottage.  She could take all the time she wanted to explore and not have to worry about running into anyone or being forced to make polite small talk with strangers.  It was going to be her private retreat away from the world so she hadn’t told anyone she was going.

Master was thankful for rich family friends.  The Fraser’s let him use it free of charge pretty much whenever he wanted to as they had other properties they preferred to use for their highland holidays.  Because this was a part of family history, they kept it in good condition and once a year would have a weekend gathering there but otherwise, they let it be used by close friends looking for a quiet get away.    He had used it several times, especially as deadlines for research submissions loomed, to help him stayed focused at it forced him to be away from distractions, like the telly and internet.  The fact that she had been so lucky in finding the place for a few days after her finals were done was not due to luck at all.

With her last final done, and her roommate getting on her nerves, Samantha was at the car rental company first thing in the morning, anxious to get started on her time away.  She had simply told her roommate that she was taking a spur of the moment trip and would be back no later than Tuesday…the day after her roommate was done with finals and the day before she was leaving for her own getaway.  After taking care of the paperwork, Samantha threw her backpack into the backseat of the car, plugged the address into the GPS, and started to drive.

It really was a beautiful country.  Knowing she had plenty of time before dark, she took her time stopping at places which looked interesting to take photos and walk around.  She had some interesting conversations with locals when she stopped for lunch and they gave her an excellent tip about a local park with some beautiful waterfalls.  By the time she stopped to grab a few groceries for breakfast the next morning, she was noticeably more relaxed and looking forward to an early night for the first time in over a week.

The GPS had led her to right to the front door of the cabin and, as had been promised, she noticed that a porch light had been turned on in the lingering twilight.  She knew the caretaker had been there to make sure the place was ready to go and that she would find the key to the front door under the flower pot close by.  She shut off the car, grabbed her back pack, and went to find the key.  Lifting up the flower pot, her eyes fell onto the mask and the handcuffs as well as the house key.  Somehow she knew she was being asked to make a choice.  She could grab the key and let herself in, going on with her plans to have a quiet holiday.  Or she could put her back pack down, strip, put on the mask and cuff herself, as she knelt under the light in front of the door to wait for master.

Master waited at the edge of the woods, watching while she got out of the car and stretched before making her way to the front door.  If she choose the quiet holiday, the session would be forgotten and he would stay at a local B&B, working on the paper he was trying to complete.  If she chose the session, he would let himself into the back door before letting her in the front and she would remember throughout the weekend that she could have made another choice, but chose to be with him instead.

She stared at the items for a long time.  Part of her really was exhausted and just wanted to sleep.  Part of her remembered the excitement and intensity of the previous sessions.  She equally wanted to pick both but knew she had to pick one.  Finally, she took out her notebook and wrote a quick note.  Sliding it under the door, she picked up the mask and cuffs.

As he watched her write the note and slide it under the door, he held his breath to see what she would choose.  It was something unexpected.  He wondered what it meant.  As she reached down to make her choice, he realized just how badly he wanted her to choose the session, not because of the plans he had to use her but because of how much he truly wanted to spend time with her.  From the start she had been interesting to talk with, such a unique blend of naughty and nice, of depravity and innocence.  He let out a sigh of relief he hadn’t realized he was holding as she set her back pack off to the side, striped and put her cloths on top of it, knelt down in the light, put on the mask, and cuffed her hands behind her back.  She was his for the next three days.

He silently crept out of the trees and admired her naked, kneeling form bathed in the glow of the porch light as the twilight faded into darkness.  Snapping some still shots, he left her waiting as he went around to grab his bag and let himself into the back door.  Once inside, he went to grab the note she had slide under the door.  Unfolding it he read:

“Master, 49% of me wants to relax and sleep.  51% of me wants to be with you.  Majority wins but the minority asks you to please allow your toy some rest as well so that I may please you to the fullest extent during our waking hours together.”

He smiled.  He had anticipated her exhaustion and so the majority of the time was more about them anyway.  He had let her online fans know that there would be no live feed due to the lack of service so there was no reason to push her until she had a chance to get fully rested.  Plus, he did want her to have a holiday so they would be enjoying the area as well.  But he once again admired her for being able to find the loophole to be able to fully express herself.  He smiled as he opened the door to welcome his fuck toy to start her session.

“Hello by good girl.  So glad you decided to come.  So glad you decided to play some more games.  But those games can start tomorrow, tonight we are going to simply enjoy some of the perks of the cabin.  Come on in and let me show you around.”

She felt him gently grab her hand and pull her to her feet and into the warm cabin.  He removed the mask, assuring her it wouldn’t be needed as they would not be filming as well as the cuffs.  They were about the choice, not about having her ready to jump right into one of the games he had ready for her.   He grabbed her backpack and put it in the master bedroom which already had a fire going in the fireplace.  He showed her the master bathroom, telling her to feel free to take a shower while he found them something to eat as a late dinner.  She stepped thanked him and gratefully stepped into the spacious shower, letting the hot water beat at the sore muscles in her neck and shoulders.  She idly wondered about her comfort level at being naked with a masked man she didn’t recognize but the thoughts quickly drifted away.  As she stepped out of the shower, she noticed a towel and super comfy looking robe had been set out for her.  She dried herself out, wrapped herself in the towel and wandered out to the kitchen.

Master looked up to see her standing in the doorway to the kitchen.  “Feeling better?”  She nodded.  “Good, let’s have something to eat.  It’s not much but it is something.”  He had to admit that he wasn’t much of a cook but he had learned a couple of tricks over the years.  One was a simple fettuccini alfredo with chicken.  He set the dish down in front of her along with a glass of wine.  “So, tell me about the drive up here.  What did you see?”

Dinner smelled delicious making her realize how hungry she was.  Sitting down she thanked him and began eating while they talked about life.  It was easy to talk to him, she felt like she had known him for ages.  They talked about their studies and research and the different sights to see in the area.  She talked about how excited she was that the property had its own castle ruins and he told he a little bit about the history of the place and the family that owned it.  It was fun and relaxing.  As they finished their meal, he suggested the take advantage of the fire place while they had dessert.

They settled into the fire place.  She commented on how it amused her when fireplaces opened into two different rooms making one able to glimpse into the other if the doors were open on both sides.  She wondered how many couples had been spied on over the years of family gatherings and groups of friends who had stayed there in forgetting to close the doors on the bedroom side.  From there the conversation turned to things of a more adult nature and soon the conversation ended all together.

As much as master knew she craved to be used and abused as a fuck toy, to be pushed to see how far she would go towards depravity, he also knew she craved romance.  It was another one of those contradictions which seemed to define her that he was coming to appreciate more and more.   Truth be told, he found the romance to actually be more of challenge than the other stuff.  The pain and torture, bondage and humiliation, a lot of it was basic biology.  If you bothered to learn your way around a women’s sensitive areas, you could force her to cum regardless of what she was experiencing.  In romance you actually had to earn the right to make every move and take pride in not only igniting a fire, but keeping it going and then building it up bit by bit until she was ready to melt from the heat of it.  It gave her so much more time to rethink and chance her mind.  So many more opportunities to say no.  He thought it was so much more the measure of a man if he could lead her through all of that without realizing it until a woman’s need took over and brought her under your control.

Tonight was all about that romance.  He knew she had a long and stressful couple of weeks, that a big part of her just wanted to relax, but he was determined to work past her defenses until she was begging him to cum despite her desire to simply go to bed.  It had been fun to watch her relax as she talked about the waterfalls she had found and the locals she had met on the way up.  He subtlety would top off her wine whenever it would start to get low.  Her laugh was beautiful to listen to as they swapped stories of childhood mishaps.  He had programmed the thermostat to let the cabin to the point of just starting to be chilly as they finished dinner so it was an easy transition to move in front of the fire place.  He smiled as she pondered how many couples had been seen accidentally through the fire place over the years, suggestively pointing out that it may not have always been so accidental.

The conversation turned to sexier things.  Some she had already told him about in various hypnosis sessions but her programming prevented her from remembering, some she had not which surprised him as he had thought they have covered most everything.  When she reached up to rub at a knot in her neck, he casually moved behind her to begin rubbing her shoulders, inching the robe off of her shoulders as he went along.

His hands felt so good, so strong, so able to find just the right places.  Between the wine, and the firelight and the conversation, she was finding it hard to stayed focused long enough to put a sentence together to keep up her end of the conversation.  “Why don’t you just lay down so you can relax a bit more?”  The suggestion was whispered in her ear and without really thinking about it, she lay down on her stomach, basking in the warmth of the fireplace.  She felt him place his knees on either side of her hips, his weight gently pushing her hips into the blankets beneath them as he resumed working on her shoulders, inching the robe lower as began to work down her spine.

As he continued, she let him slip her arms out of the robe, enjoying the magic touch of his fingers as they massaged the stress of finals week away.  She felt his fingers dip lower and lower as the relaxed more and more.  And as he shifted and moved, she became aware of his hardening cock rubbing against her bare ass.  “If you flip over, I can do the front.”  Another suggestion whispered into her ear.  She again shifted her position without really thinking of much more than the magic of his fingers.  As she settled on her back with her hands under her head, he moved to start with her feet.  “You know, it doesn’t seem fair that you are fully clothed and I clearly am not,” she lazily observed.

He smiled as he continued his work.  “I suppose you have a point there.  Does this help?”  As he moved from one foot to the other, he lifted his shirt off over his head.

“hmmm, uh huh.”  She muttered in approval from both the view and the continued work on her   feet.

“So tell me, how far up am I allowed to go?  Is this OK?”  He moved up her to her knees and began working on her lower thighs.

“hmmm…..yeah, that feels so good.”  ‘In more ways than one,’ she completed the thought to herself.

“What about this far?” He had moved half way up her thighs and had a clear view of the juices which has started to moisten her sex.

She let out a soft moan as she nodded and swallowed, hard.

“hmmm, I’ll take that as a yes.  Should I move up this far?”  It was so much fun to add fuel to the fire which was building inside of her.  He watched her as she tried to stay still, clearly fighting a loosing battle with the lust and desire within.  She whimpered and nodded as he worked the muscles right at the very top of her legs, just a breath away from her sex which was quickly becoming swollen from her arousal.

“Any further in that direction and I won’t be able to say I’m much of a gentleman, now will I?  Taking advantage without permission,” he pretended to be a bit appalled at the thought, “I just couldn’t do that so we’ll just move on up to your stomach.”

She was so frustrated.  Why on earth had he decided that was where he was going to be a gentleman?!  But as he moved up her body, his now gently pushed down on her hips with his weight, pinning her in place.

He smiled as she groaned in frustration, settling himself lightly on top of her hips, his cock, now straining to be freed from its denim prison, pushing up against her sex as he moved to work on her stomach, her arms, and her breasts.  Teasing her as he asked permission before going close to her stiff nipples.  He intended to tease until she begged.  And when he leaned down to suck one of her nipples into her mouth, twirling his tongue around it, beg she did.

Vaguely she was aware that she didn’t know the name of man currently teasing her to no end but the last couple of weeks had been so stressful and his hands felt so good, igniting a fire which was slowly building as his hands explored her body and bulge in his jeans brushed up against her sex.  She didn’t want him to stop using those hands but a need in her core that his hands would not be able to satisfy was growing until it finally edged itself to the top of the list.  “aaaahhhh, please, don’t stop.”  The words escaped as she gasped and sought some leverage to thrust her hips against his.

He delighted in hearing those words.  But he didn’t intend to pick up the pace of his attentions just yet.  He eased her legs apart with his and lowered his mouth down to kiss her deeply, slowly grinding against her clit, enjoying the feel of her arms wrapping around him as she tried to draw him in closer, deeper, her body desperate to communicate what her mind couldn’t find words to express at the moment.  “You know, if you want more, you’ll have to show me what you want.”  Tonight was much less about pushing boundaries and much more allowing her to let go of her inhibitions.  Her subconscious knowing what she was capable of handling and allowing her to fully express herself.

As she heard him whisper in her ear, she knew she wanted more.  She wanted to see him, all of him.  To touch him.  To drive him as crazy as he was driving her.  As he kissed her again, she reached down to the waist band of his jeans, slowly in doing the button and lowering the zipper until she could reach in and lightly brush her hand against his hard cock which was clearly straining to be free of its confinements.  It was her time to laugh a bit as he groaned in her ear and sucked in a deep breath. “Take them off, let me see all of you,” she whispered into his ear.

He was more than happy to comply with her request.  As he shifted to rid himself of his jeans and boxers, he couldn’t help but notice how wet she was and wonder how much longer she would be able to hold out, how much longer he would be able to hold out.  He figured it would fun to find out as he let her take the lead.  As they explored each other, teased each other, drove each other higher in their arousal until finally they were both at the breaking point.  She rolled them so she could be on top and slowly lowered herself onto his cock, groaning as it bottomed out inside her cunt.  “Go ahead my good girl, take what you need,” he whispered as he reached up to steady her.

It felt so good to slide his cock into her needy hole.  As she took in his full length, she groaned slightly at how much it filled her up.  She gave herself a minute to adjust and then begin to move up and down on the shaft between her legs, every part of her singing with arousal, so sensitive that she could it slide along every nerve ending.  With just the lightest touch to her clit, she sent herself flying over the edge, her subconscious unlocking the memories of the previous sessions and the plans for this session as she did.

Seeing her send herself into climax, feeling her clench around his cock, master could hold back no longer as he went over the edge himself, emptying himself into her womb.  He watched her as she came down, knowing it would be a climax which would release the hold her subconscious had on her memory, wanting to see how she would handle it.  The moments while she processed were endless.  Finally, she opened her eyes and looked down at him.  She took a deep breath and releasing it simply said, “oooohhhhhhh,” as she shakily released it.

Looking her in the eyes he asked if she was OK to which she nodded yes.  He asked if she wanted to talk to which she nodded no.  Asking her what she wanted to do she simply curled up next to him and whispered that she wanted to sleep.  It wasn’t what he was expecting but he let her be, reaching behind him to grab a blanket to wrap her up in as she drifted off into an exhausted sleep.

As she woke up the next morning, the memories of the previous sessions released from the night before, as well as the memories of the night itself, came creeping back into her brain.  ‘Maybe it was all a dream, a really crazy dream,’ she told herself.  It worked until master shifted in his sleep, pulling her just a little bit closer into his arms.  She peeked out through her eyelashes, his face still covered by the mask, his identity still hidden from her.  Today was to be their last session out in the castle ruins.  She didn’t know the details beyond the fact that being bound and left outdoors was the last thing on the bucket list they had established at the start.  All she had to do if she had changed her mind was get up and take a shower.  Instead she found herself reaching down to master’s cock.

He had hoped to be able to talk more before she fell asleep, to be able to gauge how she was doing with everything emotionally so he would know her head space for their last session together.  After it, he would pack up and head home, using all the information gathered to further his research into the power of suggestion, leaving her to finish her relaxing weekend alone.  After the afternoon session, she would have the choice to keep the memories of it all or to have them locked away, a suggestion of a lucky investment having been made to explain the now sizeable amount of funds in the bank account her had set up for her.  He wondered what she would choose.

He had felt her stir and stiffen as she woke up, realizing he was there and it wasn’t a dream.  He continued to doze knowing she would make her choice about the afternoon session known soon enough.  Just as he was drifting into sleep once again, he felt her hand slowly moving down his stomach before lightly brushing against his cock.  He did his best to keep his breathing steady as she gently teased he fingers up and down his shaft, encouraging it to grow as she shifted to be able to slide down his body, pushing the blanket off of both of them as she went.  He gasped as she slowly licked the entire length of his cock.

“Good morning,” she greeted him before going back to work on his cock.  She took the time to really explore and get to know it in way which was impossible when she was restrained.  She enjoyed the chance to tease him awake until he couldn’t stay still any longer.  She felt his hands in her hair as he guided her to take him in deeper as he began to thrust.  She smiled inwardly when he could hold out no longer and swallowed his morning gift.  She was ready to start their last session.

He gasped as he tried to catch his breath.  It would seem she had learned a few tricks in the art of teasing throughout their sessions and was quickly working her way up to expert level.  As she settled once again with her check on his chest, he simply asked, “Are you sure?”  Her nod and whispered yes confirmed that they would finish the last day together as planned.

It was mid-morning before they got underway having taken their time in eating some breakfast and getting ready for the hike.  She was enjoying the walk, but distracted by what awaited her at the ruins, the distraction only made more intense whenever she would see that her companion carried a large hiking back pack filled with gear in addition to the smaller backpack her had asked her to carry.  As the rounded a corner in the trail, they came into view and they were amazing.  Settled at the edge of an amazing lake, you could tell they at one time this place would have made the ideal getaway for royal families who needed an escape from court.  She stopped for a moment to enjoy the view, for it really was breathtaking as it drove thoughts of why they were there from her mind for a few very brief moments.

“Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy a view of the lake…..later.”

She shivered involuntarily at the hint which lay just behind the words he spoke as he took her hand to urge her forward on the path once again until they were amongst the ruins themselves.  When he handed her a mask to put on she knew it was her last chance to back out but looking into his eyes, she slipped the mask over her head for one last time.

He smiled as her choice was made.  They were standing on one of the highest points of the ruins, framed by what would have been a massive window overlooking the lake at one point.  At some point in the recent past, some party planner the family had hired had used this space to anchor some various banners or flags of some sort.  He couldn’t remember the details of the story but he did remember that they were fired when it was discovered they had drilled several eye bolts into the ruins to make it happen.  It was a matter of family pride for his friend’s family.  While they didn’t want to rebuild the site at all, they also wanted to ensure that nothing was done which would speed up the effects of time.  Some expert had advised them to seal them in rather than pulling them out and giving water a place to seep into the rock and potentially freeze, creating ever widening cracks.  They would make the perfect anchor points for what he had in mind for his toy today.

“Stripe, slowly.” He told her as they stood in front of the window.  As she reached up to start with the buttons on her blouse he shook his head, “Not for me, stripe for any potential stranger who might be out fishing on the lake this morning.”  He pointed towards the lake and watched as she slowly turned around and worked the buttons on her blouse before they dropped.

She swallowed hard as he pointed towards the window, wondering if indeed there would be anyone on the lake today.  As she began to work the buttons on the blouse, she wanted to go faster, to simply get it over with, to turn back and see what he was doing behind her as she could hear him getting something out of one of the back packs but his words kept her facing towards the lake, her fingers moving ever so slowly, her anticipation building with each moment as it creeped by until she was standing in only her shoes, framed perfectly by the ruins, looking out over the quiet lake.

As she stood there wondering what was to come next, she felt him place cuffs on her wrists and ankles.  He took his time in pulling each of her arms out and up, locking them to the loop her created at the end of each length of rope.  It wasn’t tight, allowing some movement, just enough movement that the keys would remain just out of reach, as well as any sensitive bits, until it was time for her release.  Next he attached an adjustable spreader bar between her ankles keeping them far enough apart that she wouldn’t be able to close her legs but again, leaving her some room to move, before tying her feet off the anchor points.  All the while, taking is time and letting the anticipation build, strategically brushing his fingers across her skin as he worked.

Next he slowly worked sunscreen into her skin, taking advantage of the necessary task to tease her, build her arousal.  Before the final touches were applied.  Simple clamps went onto her nipples as he used a simple piece of string around her neck to pull them up, lifting her tits up to expose the sensitive underside.  Battery powered vibrators went into her cunt and onto her clit, were set on the lowest settings and held in place as he locked a chastity belt onto her, teasingly whispering into her ear about the tan lines it would create by the end of the day.  Then, thanks to the wide walls castles were once built with, he pulled the block of ice from the cooler, with the key frozen in the center, and pulled up so that simply glancing upwards, she would be able to see it.  He took the string, half frozen in the block of ice as it went to the key, and tied it to her right hand.

“Have you wondered, my dear good girl, why the lake is so quiet today?  It really is such a beautiful lake, isn’t it?  Well, they are going to kick off an annual competition this afternoon.  A treasure box of sorts has been hidden in the lake and different search and rescue diving crews from around the Europe will be competing to see who can find it.  No one is allowed on the lake for one week before it starts so everyone has the fairest starting point possible in their search.  Now why do I tell you this?

Well, my good girl, it starts from the docks which are just out of sight from this part of the lake in 5 hours.  The ice which holds your key, when I have timed it, takes 4 to 6 hours to melt depending on how much sunshine it gets.  Will it free you in time?  Or will you be left on display for boats full of search and rescue crews as they scout out the best place to anchor their boats as they begin their competition?  I guess we shall see.  The key in the will easily free you from the ruins, the key to the rest will be found back at the cabin, along with your clothes.  Enjoy your time.  Oh, and you might want to remember, sound echoes across a lake like this really easily.”  And with that, he picked up everything and walked away.

She cursed the slow pace he was working at.  It was driving her mad as he took his time to tie her wrists and ankles and slowly work the sunscreen into every inch of her skin.  The bit of the clamps competed with the breezes felt as it blew across the underside of her breasts.  The vibrators locked away just added fuel to the fire without getting close the stimulation needed to push her over the edge.  As he walked away, the true deviousness of his plan set it.  She had just enough movement in her arms to convince herself that it she just tried a little harder she might be able to get a hold of the ice and break the key out but not enough to actually make it happen.  She had just enough movement in the rest of her body to be aware of her body’s natural reactions to the growing arousal, to squirm, but not enough to actually allow her body to find anyway to add anything to the stimulation and help with pushing her over the edge.  She was not gagged and so had to control the noises which threatened to escape her lips least she draw unwanted attention to herself.  All while watching as the ice block which held key to her freedom slowly melted away.

He took some time to go back and get up everything for her return to the cabin, for he would be gone when she returned.  And then he went back to watch her from a distance.  As the vibrators slowly increased her arousal her visible frustration at being unable to do anything about it also increased.  She would fight against her bonds, sometimes frantically, and then rest only to renew her struggles again as she was once again taunted by just how close she could come to doing something, anything, to gain the stimulation needed to push her over the edge.  Also, as lots of trouble would come should the ice not melt before the competition started, in 7 hours, not the 5 her told her, he wanted to be sure she did indeed get free before it started.

She had no idea how much time had passed but she was starting to fear it was getting beyond the 5 hour mark as she watched the ice melt and tried, again, to pull the key free from the ice.  She had nearly given up hope of escaping before the chance of discovery when the key suddenly came free of the remaining ice.  She quickly used the movement in her arms to pull the string up to the lock on her wrist.  It was some fancy magnetic thing and as soon as it touched the lock, it popped open.  She quickly freed her other arm and her legs from the anchor points but found it would help her no farther.  She was left with the spreader bar and the choice of how long to leave it as she noticed the adjustable nature of it.  The longer it was, the greater the strides she could take back the cabin.  The shorter it was, the less open she would be walking back along the trail.  Either way, it was going to be long walk as she noticed that all they had brought with them was gone.

She chose her length and began to walk, trying different adjustments as she went along, searching for something better but staying on the move, alert to any sounds of people approaching.  Finally the cabin came into sight, her freedom was so close.  As she let herself in, she saw the note on the table letting her know that the keys could be found in the bed room.  She hurried toward the bedroom, grabbed the keys from the bed, released the belt and turned the vibrators up, sending herself crashing over the edge.

When she finally returned to reality, she fully released the cuffs and the bar and went to read the note left for her on the bed.

“My good girl, take some time to shower and eat.  There is meal ready for you in the fridge, all you need to do is heat it up.  Enclosed are 2 jump drives.  Once you are ready for bed, you will need to make a choice.  The red one contains a file which allows you to remember every detail except my true identity and how to contact me.  The good stuff and the hard stuff.  You will know that you will not be able to find me so you will not bother to look.

The blue one contains a file which allows you to forget it all except last night.  However, you will remember it as a night which happened after drinking a little too much at the local pub.  Should there be any long term consequences from our various activities, you will credit them to the experience of last night.  Once again, you will not be able to remember by true identity nor will you search for me knowing it to be futile.  The money in the account you will remember as the result of a lucky investment.

The choice is 100% freely yours to make.

Thank you for allowing me to take this journey with you, it has truly been an honor.


Samantha went to take her shower.  She took her time, enjoying the water as it washed away the dirt and dust from being naked outdoors.  The dinner was some of her favorite comfort foods which she enjoyed curled up on the couch, watching an old movie she found in a stash by the TV for the DVD player.  When she noticed that she was starting to nod off, she made her way to the bed room, made her choice, and settled in with her headphones to listen and sleep.

Once he saw that she was safely inside and free of her bonds, he turned and walked away.  After making sure everything was cleaned up at the ruins, he made his way to his car, hidden in the woods behind the cabin.  Just as she had returned to being only Samantha, he returned to simply being Ryan.  He would never know her choice but he would always remember the time they shared together.


If Only….

Slowly she awoke from the dream she had been having.  It was one of those amazing dreams which makes you want to hold onto sleep for a just a bit longer, but something was insisting she wake up. An itch.  On her head.  But when she went to scratch it, she discovered her hands couldn’t move.

It was funny, she knew she should be startled at this but she wasn’t.  Just puzzled.  Had she fallen asleep with her arm under herself again while studying?  Were they tangled up in the blasted duvet cover again?  It took her awhile to realize they were tied behind her back.

“Wakey, wakey”  There was someone trying to wake her up.  But why?  Why was her head so foggy?  She could barely form a single thought.  Opening her eyes, she saw a person in front of her.  The first thing she noticed was that they were wearing a mask.  The next thing she noticed is that he was rather well built man.

“Good, now I need you stand up and bend forward for me so we can really get started.  Good girl, up you go.”

She simply complied.  It made her happy to comply.  But it also confused her to notice that she was naked from the waist up.  ‘How had that happened?’ she wondered to herself.  As she stood up and bent over at the waist, her DD tits hung down invitingly.  And the man before her took the invitation to heart as he began teasing her nipples.  It wasn’t long before they were both erect and she just stood there watching the entire process with fascination.  She had never been able to get them to stand out too much on her own but this man, he obviously knew what he was doing.

‘I should resist.  This isn’t right.  This isn’t me.’  But it felt so good to let him continue.  And he took his time with them.  Slowly working each one to a sharp peak before gently closing the clamps over each of them.  He wasn’t ready for her to gain all of her awareness back just yet.  Next he grabbed some rope and began wrapping at the base of first one and then other.  Just tight enough to be begin to be uncomfortable but not enough to cause any real pain.  Not yet.  The entire time he just kept telling her what a good girl she was and she just kept watching in fascination.  Now that her tits had been bound, they had started to swell, making them firm and sensitive to the touch.

“Ok, my good girl.  Time to stand up straight.”  She followed his request, only really thinking about how her bound tits reacted to the change in position.  “Close your eyes for a second my good girl….go back to your dream for a moment.”  Oh yes, the dream.  It was still there, floating around the edges of her mind.  She closed her eyes to see if she might be able to get back to it.

But as it is with dreams, you never really get right back into it.  The wonderfulness of it was there but now she was climbing to reach some new height.  A great reward awaited her at the top but she needed to stretch to reach the next step of the climb.  It was hard work and she was starting to have trouble catching her breath from the work and the altitude.

While she was in dream land once again, the man had retied her hands to a bar above her head which caused her to stretch out almost to the point of being on her toes.  Again, he didn’t want her to be fully aware just yet.  Keeping her a bit in dreamland, he knew, would make the experience so much better in the long run.  He began to pull a corset on her and slowly tighten the laces.  When it was all said and done, it would reduce her waist by nearly three inches.  Starting at her waist and going up to just under those beautiful bound tits, it would give her curves more emphasis than she had ever known they could have.

Then he put on the posture collar.  Snug, but not tight.  The corset would already pose enough of a challenge in her quest to get enough air into her lungs.  He just needed the collar to keep her head still.   With this done, he whispered into her ear, “congrats my good girl.  You have earned your reward.  Open up.”

Thinking she had reached the top to discover her dream man had made her a mountain top picnic, she opened up expected to taste one of the delicious looking chocolate covered strawberries.  But it didn’t taste right.  It was too hard.  Something was wrong.  She started to wake up to try and figure out what has happening to discover that the man was real, but the mountain top and strawberry were very much a dream.  Instead they were in what appeared to be a darken room and he was putting a decent sized ball gag into her mouth.

Suddenly her brain began to fight against the fog.  He could see it in her eyes.  He knew she was afraid of gags because her sinuses often became suddenly stuffy preventing her from being able to breath properly.  But he gave her a moment to realize that while this gag filled her mouth, it also had a hole in the middle for air to get through.

“I see the fog is starting to lift.  You are probably wondering how you came to be here, with me, in your current situation.  It’s simple really, you asked to be here.”

While she was starting to feel like she could think again, this information didn’t help her at all.  She wouldn’t ask for something like this to happen.  Would she?  No, how would she even know to ask?  This was all new to her.

Seeing her confusion in her eyes, the man continued, “I know, you don’t remember anything previous to this and you won’t until you are ready to.  But be assured, you are safe.  I won’t go beyond any boundaries previously stated.  But being the good girl you are, you just get ready to enjoy the experience.”  She couldn’t remember much of what he said, but when she heard the words good girl, some part of her knew that what he said was true.

“Now my good girl, shall we see how wet you are for me?”  And for the first time, she became fully aware of several things.  First, that she was in a corset, had her nipples clamped and her tits bound, and that she was standing nearly on tip toe with her hands abound firmly to a bar over her head.  She had never been this exposed to a guy before in her life.  Not even at the doctor’s office as she had always had female doctors for her exams.  She suddenly wanted very much to cover herself.

But she was also suddenly aware of how aroused she was.  And yes, she was soaking wet down there.  She could feel it soaking her jeans.  Which also made her aware that she was not wearing any underwear.  That she had chosen to take it off before leaving the house.  With a package.  Realizing that she had done something so out of character and so associated with a porno flick increased her embarrassment but it also increased her arousal.

And she suddenly realized there was nothing she could do to stop the man from finding out just how wet and aroused she was.  He slowly moved towards her, eyes sparkling and a smirk on his lips which could be seen despite his mask.  He took his time unbuttoning her jeans, sliding down the zipper, and easing them off over her hips, ass, and thighs.  All she could do was look up to the ceiling and feel the heat creep up her face as she blushed crimson at the thought of what this stranger was about to discover.

After her jeans were all the way off, he came around behind her, circling her around the waist, as he slowly brought his hand ever closer to her pussy.  Her soaking wet pussy the scent of which was now starting to fill the room.  He slowly parted her lips and his fingers crept into her folds finding the moisture that made her level of arousal abundantly clear to him.

He chuckled.  “Ah my good girl, I see we are on the right track.  That’s good to know.  Let me just get something to entertain your hot little hole while we play other games, shall we?”  Slowly he pushed something into her needy cunt.  It was bigger than various items around the house she had improvised with throughout the years and it hurt as it popped her cherry but with all her juices, it still went in rather easily.  It felt odd to have something filling her hole in such a way.  Amazingly enough, she was still a virgin.  Trusting men was hard for her so she had chosen to focus on her education and career instead of pursuing any sort of relationship.

She grunted with the pain but he knew it was coming and added some attention to her swollen clit to distract her.  By the time he had the vibrator nearly all the way in, she was already starting to subconsciously thrust her hips looking for more stimulation.  He smiled to himself knowing it was only the start.  He took his hand away and settled the rabbit ears of the vibrator right up against her clit but refraining from turning it on.

Next her grabbed the plastic wrap and began by ensuring the vibrator would stay in place.  Then he came around in front of her.  “Ok my good girl, time to start at the top.  But no more dreaming.”  She could do nothing but stare at him as it slowly dawned on her what he intended to do next.  If she tried to kick, it meant taking all the weight on her wrists.  The posture collar prevented her from shaking her head.  The gag prevented her from mounting an effective verbal protest.  Her hands were uselessly trapped above her head.

He placed some ear buds into her ears “to be sure you can hear me when I need to talk to you” he explained.  He put some soft pads over her eyes and taped them on so they wouldn’t move, effectively taking away her sight.  And then she felt him begin with the plastic wrap around her head.  She did her best to not panic but as he covered it with more and more layers which got closer to her mouth and nose, she feared she wouldn’t be able to stop herself.  And being in the corset, not being able to get a good deep breath, was not helping matters.

Then she felt something poking into her nostrils and through the hole in the gag: tubes.  After which he fully wrapped her face in the plastic wrap.  Next he wrapped her torso, at first around her bound tits and then compressing them into her body.  She squirmed as they had now become swollen and sensitive and the nipple clamps hurt being compressed into the hard breast tissue.  Then he worked his way down her legs.  First he did them individually and then bound them together all the way down to and including her feet leaving her momentarily thankful her hands were fixed to the bar above as she had very little sense of balance left to her.

But that wasn’t to last for long as he wrapped each of her arms, releasing each of them one at a time to wrap all the way to the individual fingers.  She knew it was pointless to try and fight him.  If she did, she knew would just fall over and likely hurt herself.  She couldn’t walk or run, scream, see, or even hear properly.  And she was acutely away of her filled pussy, reminding her of her arousal which hadn’t seemed to dissipate at all despite her situation.  And despite feeling like she could think clearly, she knew some piece was missing as she had no idea how she had some to be in the place, with this man, and not in a blind panic considering what he was doing to her.

Next she felt something belt like across her shoulders and realized she felt more stable again.  He had anticipated her lack of balance and had tethered her back to the bar above.  Unknown to her, he had also moved several cushions around her to ensure a soft landing in case of an unexpected fall.  With one last round of the plastic wrap to secure her arms behind her once again, he started the final stage of the bondage.

The duct tape started at her toes and slowly climbed up her legs.  All she could feel was the increasing pressure at it tightened her bonds.  Slowly it rose up her calves, over her knees and up her thighs, around her waist.  As she felt the pressure increasing with the rising of the tape, she began to worry about her poor crushed tits.  Would he skip over them or were they in for more pain in being further crushed in the bound and clamped state?

Just as he did with the plastic wrap, at first he went around them, framing them, allowing her to believe they might be spared before using the tape to mercilessly crush them into her chest.  She began to whimper, hoping he would relent, but it did no good.  For all the slack he had left in the plastic wrap around them, he was twice as diligent in now ensuring a tight wrap.  No longer being in dream land, she felt the pain of the sensitive tits and clamped nipples in a way she could not ignore.

Until he began wrapping her head in the tape.  If it was possible, the gag was more tightly compressed into her mouth and her head held more rigidly in place as it become one with the posture collar.  Her only comfort was the breathing tubes in her nose and mouth.  Her world focused on breathing through the pain in her tits and not allowing the panic to overwhelm her since a deep breath with the tight corset, and now double layer of wrapping, wasn’t going to be possible.

Suddenly the ear buds seem to come alive.  “Hello my good girl.”  Something about hearing him call her good girl helped her stay calm, despite the rational part of her brain being totally confused as to why that would be case.  “I’m going to move my good girl now.  I won’t let my good girl fall.”  Suddenly she felt the sensation of falling backwards as, unknown to her, he had moved a tilted platform behind her and was lowering her to it.  While it was a bit unsettling, she was glad to no longer be standing.

Soon she was laying down, strapped to the platform.  The man was proud of the work he had accomplished for far with this one.  It had gone better than he could have hoped.  It was now time to help her remember a little bit more.

The earbuds came to life once again, but this time there was a second voice.  She panicked for a moment until she realized the voice sounded strangely familiar.  It was her voice!  “I am a good girl.  I asked my master to help me.  I asked my master to meet me.  My master sent me a package.  It told me where to go to meet my master.  I asked him to bind my tits, clamp my nipples and then wrap me up really tight it a vibrator in my pussy and on my clit.  I hope he will force me to cum over and over while I can’t move or object.  I hope he will then unwrap me bit by bit.  I want him to unwrap and abuse my tits.  I want him to uncover and whip my ass and cunt.  I want him to be sure I am fully fucked for once in my life.  I don’t want to be able to see him the entire time.  I am not worthy to see my master’s true identity.  I want him to brainwash me so deeply that I don’t remember even knowing what a slut was or did until I am fully bound.  I want to know I have been mind fucked as well as face fucked and cunt fucked.”

Suddenly her memories started to come back to her.  Well, at least some of them.  The nights spent reading stories and listening to files.  She had started emailing someone after one of those files.  They had sent some special files for her to test out.  She liked them.  They made her go deep and feel so relaxed and rested by the end.  They had agreed that they would try a live session.  And then she got the box.  It had a jump drive in it with just one file on it.  She listened to it as she got ready to go meet her master.  If she was willing to fully submit, to fully reveal her darkest fantasy to him, she was to show up without underwear.

But some of her memories remained hidden from her.  Like the fact that she had already revealed her darkest fantasy to master.  It was what she was living out at the moment.  They had talked about limits and safety.  Once her head was covered, he was live streaming it to thousands of followers, with her permission.

And as her memories started to come back to her, the man returned with some further information.  “Some part of you knows you should be scared now, hearing you say what is going to happen to you, but my good girl is so deep in she has lost the ability to be scared about such things.  Her subliminals have been playing since the earbuds went in, keeping her aroused and anticipating what it come next.  She is so focused on her needy clit and throbbing cunt; she doesn’t even know her name.  She is just good girl.  She is so humiliated that she is so horny but that only makes her hornier.  Good girl knows she is just a horny, humiliated, fucktoy for master tonight.”

And she realized it was true.  All of it.  Now that he had mentioned them, she became aware of the messages being whispered in her ear and the quiet tone which had invaded her mind driving out all thoughts except those of her desperate need to come.  She didn’t even care what her name was, she just wanted to cum.  The vibrator came to life, teasing her, edging her, driving her arousal to heights she didn’t know here possible.  It moved within her, expanding and contracting, trusting back and forth, forcing her virginal walls to accommodate something larger than a tampon for the first time, the vibrations on her clit started and stopped at random, never enough to drive her over the edge.

He could see her trying to squirm in the little bit of give the wrapping had left her.  It wasn’t more than a fraction of an inch in either way.  He smiled knowing the subliminals being pumped into her earbuds would not give her permission to cum for at least 15 minutes while the vibrator, being remotely controlled, remained set on a random tease.  Then it would be switched to high and the subliminals would command her to cum over and over for the next hour.

Some small part of her brain, an ever shrinking part, tried to hang onto reality and remind her that it could have only been a short while that the vibrator had been teasing her but she was desperate to get over the edge so it felt like hours to her horny, mind fucked brain.  Then, suddenly, the vibrator kicked into high and she found herself exploding into an orgasm made all the more intense by her inability to move more than the smallest fraction of an inch.  But since the vibrations didn’t stop, another one rolled over her before the first one had a chance to completely ebb.  And then another.

The humiliation at enjoying her predicament, of knowing some stranger was watching her, grew and fed into her arousal which made the orgasms all that much more intense.  Within a few moments all she could think about how her throbbing clit and needy cunt and wonder if they would ever be satisfied.  She had totally forgotten about the subliminals further feeding her arousal and commanding her to keep cumming.  Without realizing it, not only was her name gone from her mind but more and more of her personality and memories as her brain could only process the arousal and humiliation.

He watched her closely, knowing that if it she passed out he would need to turn off the vibrator and give her a rest but also knowing she wanted to be left for the full hour if possible.  Unknown to her, he would turn the vibrator down to allow her to catch her breath but she had become so sensitive that any movement sent her over the edge once again and so didn’t notice the change.

“Oh good girl.  Did you enjoy your orgasms?  I enjoyed watching you.  You’re squirming and little whimpers and moans have me so hard right now.  I enjoy watching horny sluts like you embrace who they really are.  And you know you are such a horny slut, I bet you still aren’t satisfied.  I bet your needy cunt is still wanting a good pounding.  I bet you’ll get even hornier and needier when I abuse your tits and whip your ass.  But first we have to make sure you’ll be ready for all that fun.  Drink up my good girl.”  And with that, she felt something cool begin to trickle through the tube in her mouth.  It tasted funny but she was thirsty so she shallowed until it stopped without protest.

Then she felt the sensation of the platform being tilted upwards again and soon found she was in standing position, but still firmly strapped to something which held her up.  The subliminals had also changed, but without her realization, to keep her on edge once again and withhold permission for her to orgasm.

Slowly, carefully, he started to expose her tits.  First her clamped nipples.  Cutting away just enough space to pull the nipples and clamps to the outer shell, he first tightened the clamps and twisted and yanked on her nipples.  The pain barely made a dent into the fog of arousal in her brain.  He removed the clamps and abused them with rubber bands, wax, and needles.  He took his time.  While he was hard, he was also patient.  The pain drove the arousal higher which was humiliating for her on an entirely new level.  That small part of her brain trying desperately to be rational was screaming that this wasn’t normal, but the humiliation it brought only served to drive her arousal higher.  Once again she was desperately trying to gain any degree of movement to bring herself off but the bonds master had her in, held her tight.

Then he began to use her abused nipples to slowly start to pull out her bound tits, cutting away only what was absolutely necessary.  At first she was relieved they were finally being allowed some space but soon discovered their freedom came at a price.  Master had grabbed another length of rope and was further binding them at their base.  He wasn’t concerned about keeping her in dream land this time around.  They began to ache.  And then he began to whip them.  It hurt more than anything she had ever experienced and for the first time, she struggled in earnest for freedom.  But he kept going.  When his hand tired, he used rubber bands, or a ruler, or a cane.

He admired his handiwork on her abused tits.  Every inch was turning purple with deep bruises which would make it hard to wear a bra for at least a week.  She would have to suffer or have people notice with her big tits.  And while there were some small breaks in the skin, it wasn’t anything that would leave a permanent mark.  But he wasn’t done yet.  He paused for a moment and put on some rubber gloves as he began to rub rubbing alcohol on to ensure no infection would get started where the skin had broken.  He knew it would sting, but that was the point.  And then he watched her as she tried to scream through the pain that came with releasing the now incredibly tight ropes.

And even though it was a bit of pain to do it, master found he simply couldn’t resist.  He lowered the platform down again and settled on top of her.  It was time to pay some attention to his throbbing cock. He grabbed each handful of tit with each hand, not caring how much it might hurt his fuck toy, and began one of the best tittie fucks he had ever had.  They were so discolored from the abuse they had already taken and he knew he had more in store for them before their time was done.  He came faster than he cared to admit, cumming all over those huge, black and blue beat up tits.

“Good girl.  Take it all for master.  Stay alert for master.  Embrace the pain for master.  Only sluts embrace pain like you do.  How embarrassing to discover you are such a slut.  You just keep getting hornier and needier the more master uses you.  But you don’t cum until master allows you to come.  Good girl.”  The whispers kept coming as she endured the pain of the beating and the humiliation of being used for a tittie fuck and being cum on by a complete stranger.   All she wanted was to cum but she couldn’t get herself over the edge.

As a final touch before moving on, master brought out two long skinny tubes.  He sort of wished he could see her face at this point but knew she would see soon enough.  They were vacuum tubes.  First he rubbed tiger balm all over her tits he sucked them all the way into the tubes, crushing her tits, leaving them burning and swelling once again until he was ready to release them.  Which wasn’t going to be for a long while yet.

At first she found the sensation of the tiger balm comforting.  She was assuming he was putting something on them to help ease the pain before doing whatever he had planned next.  Then the heat set in.  And then the pressure started as her tits were pulled painfully into the tubes.  And then the stinging.  It felt like there was a fire in the very center of her tits.  She would have given anything to be able to shake free of them but all she could do was squirm and let out a very muffled scream.  She had long ago forgotten about the details of her plan as it was recited back to her but she knew there was more to come.  That she would not be free until she had been completely fucked.

As she adjusted to the tubes on her tits, master worked on the set up of the next stage of the plan.  He stood her back up and tethered her to two poles, one on each side of her, as well as ensured the area around her was covered with cushions in case of a fall.  For all the abuse he was delighted to heap upon his fuck toy, he wanted to be sure it was planned and intentional rather than accidental.  Accidents caused trips the emergency room and the last thing he wanted to explain at this point was her tits and her limited mental capabilities.

Once he was ready, he began to slowly and carefully cut away the wrapping which covered her ass.  The tightness of the remaining wrapping only served to emphasize her ass and make it a very inviting target for some abuse.  Someday he would love to use her hole there but not today.  Today he had other holes to claim.  Today he would whip that target until it was bright red and sure to stay sore for the next several days.  For that, paddles and canes were the best way to go in his opinion.   It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy a good whipping session, but he also wanted to keep things unpredictable so, for the moment he was all about efficiency.  And before long, he had achieved the look he was going for, adding in some texture with the cane.

Before laying fuck toy down the table he had for her next, he placed a piece of office chair matting, spike side up, for her now very sensitive ass to rest on.  After all, he didn’t want her forgetting about her ass.  And he could only imagine how it would feel as he strapped her down on it and then pounded her cunt.  He had to remind himself to be a patient man at the thought of it.  They still had some more games to play.

As he lowered fuck toy back to the table, positioned this time with its ass on the edge, leaving her legs to dangle off the edge, and her head supported only by a small extension, he worked quickly to strap it tightly down both to prevent mobility and to keep it safe.  Next he slowly cut the legs apart, being careful to not actually cut the wrapping of the individual legs.  This allowed time to spread her legs to the corners of the table and strap them down, exposing her soaking wet cunt fully to him.  The odor of her arousal permeated the room.  The now dead vibrator slipped relatively easily from her hole considering how tight she was and how aroused she was.

She had thought the beating of her tits was bad. It was nothing to the beating of her ass.  Thankfully it seemed to be done quickly but now there some spikes digging painfully into her tender skin which had been strapped down so tightly if felt as if there was an additional weight pushing her onto them.  It all, ultimately, fed into the loop she was caught in of pain, arousal, humiliation, arousal, and more of the same, never being able to get over the edge.  Only being able to think of how much she wanted to cum.  How amazing it would feel to finally go over the edge.  Only trying to think of what she could do to get there and knowing only that pain and humiliation increased the arousal she was feeling.   She was a good girl.  She stayed aware of it all for master.  She would only cum when her master gave her permission.  She desperately needed masters cock.  She desperately needed to be fucked.

When she first felt the release of some pressure by her ankles, she thought he was finally cutting her free to properly fuck her.  It was a moment of pure joy and bliss for fuck toy.  And then humiliation as she realized just how excited she was at the idea of being properly fucked.  She was confused when he stopped cutting stuff away and spread her legs.  And then she realized that she was fully on display for this stranger.  He had spread her cunt wide open for his viewing pleasure and she hadn’t even tried to resist him.  She really was a horny fuck toy slut.  She felt the vibrator, whose batteries had long ago given up, slide out of her leaving her needy little cunt empty and even more desperate.

The advantage to this position was that she was able to move her hips a small bit, hoping master would take the hint, but it also served to remind her of the spikes digging into her sore ass.  He just watched her for a bit.  Amused at her attempts to communicate.  Humored by her desperate moans and whimpers.  But first, that pussy needed to be properly prepared.   He took one of her nipple clamps and carefully positioned it to clamp down on her clit.  She jumped as she had not been expecting that.  Then he inserted first one finger and then two and slowly started to finger fuck her.  She pushed back against the fingers as much as she could, desperate to speed them up and reach her climax.  Simply to test her tightness, he tried to insert a third finger but she was too tight.

Taking a deep breath to hold onto his self control, he picked up the whip and proceeded to whip her pussy until the clamp finally came off of her clit.  Her already sensitive cunt was now even more so and ready to be properly fucked.  He lined himself up with her hot, needy, hole, grabbed a hold of her waist, and thrust all the way into her.

Finally, his cock entered her.  It felt huge.  He didn’t go about it gently, he slammed into her and she could swear it was tearing her in two down there.  But she was so horny, she didn’t really care.  He gave her a moment to adjust to the size and then started pounding away at her cunt.  Each thrust driving her ass into the spikes.  Each thrust destroying any evidence of her virginity that she arrived with hours before.  Each thrust driving her arousal to ever increasing heights.  She couldn’t believe she was trying to hard to fuck this stranger back as he pounded into her again and again.  If she wasn’t gagged, she knew she would have begged for him to harder and faster.  She just wanted more of his cock.  Finally, the subliminals changed slightly and she got the command she had been waiting an eternity for.  “Cum my good girl”

She was so tight.  He hadn’t fucked a virgin since he was an inexperienced teen in the back seat of a car.  Her cunt gripped him like a glove and when she came, he was afraid the strength of the muscles of her tunnel might actually cause harm to his cock.  He came deep inside her, turned on knowing that he was her first and determined that no other man would ever measure up to this experience for her.  After he pulled out, he strapped a vibrator to her clit to keep her arousal at it same high fever pitch while he worked to finally free her mouth for his use.

He worked carefully to ensure he didn’t cut her face by accident and soon her mouth was free.  He worked the gag out of her mouth and first gave her more to drink, figuring she needed it by this point.  Then he put in a new gag to ensure her mouth stayed open and available for use.  A simple drop of the support of her head and it was now dangling off the edge as much as the posture collar would allow and ready for fucking.

After cumming for what felt like an eternity, fuck toy realized that master was cutting away some of the wrapping around her face.  And that she was still incredibly horny and aroused.  It occurred to her that he was only unwrapping her face for one reason, to use her mouth as a another fuck hole, and the thought, once again, both humiliated and aroused her.  She was surprised but grateful for another drink before her suspicions were confirmed and a new gag was put into her mouth.  This one designed to open her jaws up as far as possible.

He started slower with her mouth, needing to gage her gag reflex, and hit the remote to cause another slight change in her subliminals.  “Good girl, take master’s cock down your throat.  Suck it in.  Taste your cum.  Relax your throat.  Trust master.  Make master hard.  Swallow masters gift.”  He was again impressed with how well she responded and was soon able to take his entire length down her throat without gagging.  He slowly turned up the vibrator on her clit as he increased the speed with which he thrust.  When he was right on the edge, he suddenly turned it on high forcing her to orgasm as he dumped his load into her throat.  She took it all in and swallowed without hesitation.  He turned the vibrator down and let her rest while he went about cleaning up some stuff and getting her ready for the last little bit.

Fuck toy was stunned.  She had orgasmed more times than she could count, done everything possible to encourage a stranger to fuck her senseless, allowed him to abuse her and enjoyed it, and had now not only allowed herself to be completely face fucked, but happily swallowed a load of his cum as well.  She could not imagine how she had gotten herself into this predicament.  She remembered hearing something earlier but the persistent arousal just kept driving it away.  She hoped he wasn’t done with her yet.

“Hello Good girl.  As requested, I believe you will find you have been properly abused and fucked.  You have enjoyed every humiliating moment as my horny fuck toy.  And now, my good girl, I need you to sleep for me for a short while.  Sleep deeply good girl.”

She instantly felt herself drifting off, losing awareness of her surroundings and predicament.

“And now that you are sleeping, you realize that I have been drugging you since you arrived in your drink.  It has increased your awareness and your arousal.  This drug will remain in your system for the next twelve hours.  But you will only be able to orgasm if you are completely naked and humping some inanimate object with the enthusiasm you wanted to able to display in fucking me had you not been restrained.  You will not be able to sleep until the drug is out of your system.  You will not be able to think or concentrate on anything but your arousal until you have completed this task.

But first you will have to fight the arousal to figure out how to get yourself home.  When you awake you will find that one hand has been freed and holds the means your escape within it.  You will have to fight the temptation to hump random objects before you get home as it is only once you get home and have set up a camera to record your task will you be able to cum.

When you awake tomorrow, you will be back to your old self.  All of your memories will be back including the details of how this day came to happen.  You will continue to be unable to worry about it until that time.

Now I am going to count to backwards from ten.  10….9….8….”

Fuck toy woke up, aware that she needed to work on some very important task, that she needed to get home, but also more aroused than ever and still unable to do anything about it.  ‘Focus’ she told herself.  And then she realized her right hand was free and she was holding a box cutter in it.  She couldn’t move a lot but she could move enough to get the blade to start cutting away at the wrappings.  She also realized she could sit up but that her legs were still strapped down the vibrator on her clit was still going.

It was slow progress between the arousal and the fear of cutting herself but she kept going and soon had the ability to move her arm back and forth, keeping a firm hold on the blade.  Unknown, master watched from the video feeds to ensure she was staying safe.  He hadn’t like this part of the plan, letting her free herself, but respected that she wanted to decide after a cool down period if she wanted to see his face or not.  But he did what he could to help her along.  He had removed tape or started cuts in strategic places so it would be easier for her to break free.  He had provided safer equipment once she got past the initial stages.  He had released her tits, which had now swollen so much they were at least 50% larger and deeply colored with bruises.  (He would enjoy watching them bounce as she humped her way to her orgasms in the next 12 hours.)  He had applied lotion to her most abused areas and left a bottle for her to apply some more, as well as arranged to have some ready for her at home.  Now he simply had to do his best to watch as his precious fuck toy fought her arousal to maintain her focus, knowing it would do no good to give in before she got home.

Fuck toy was fighting an inner battle of the likes she had never fought before.  She was horny.  She wanted to desperately to do something, anything, to cum once again.  But she knew it would do no good until she could focus long enough to get home.  Hopefully her roommate was still gone.  She had now managed to get her other arm and hand free from the wrappings which had trapped them behind her all this time and was trying to get them stretched out again while freeing her hands to have more control before trying to cut away her facemask.  That was when she felt the safety scissors which were next to her.  And it also occurred to her that she had a name, but it wasn’t important at the moment.  Being able to do something about this arousal was.  As she prepared to full the facemask away, master stopped the recording and cut off the live feed, hoping he would have time to get it onto a jump drive and into her purse before she left.

After freeing her face, and therefore regaining her sight and full hearing, she couldn’t resist and tried to masturbate herself to an orgasm.  But as her master had warned her, she wasn’t able to cum.  Frustrated, she summoned all her wits to once again focus on the task at hand.  The straps holding her legs down where simple buckles and the scissors helped her emerge from her full cocoon.  The corset and collar where surprisingly easy once she focused long enough to get the basics loosened up and she took her first really deep breath in hours.  She was faced with the decision to use the shower in the corner or just get dressed and head home.  She settled for a quick, warm rinse and then faced the challenge of getting dressed.

As soon as she tried to put her bra on, she became fully aware of just how large and sensitive her tits were.  Her already sizeable tits would never fit easily into any bra she owned and it hurt a lot to try and cram them in.  But faced with a mile long walk home, and her mother’s mortified expression at the thought of going without a bra, she smashed them in and grimaced through the pain.  In the background, master took note.  If his horny little fuck toy came back, he wanted to be sure to improve upon the experience for both of them.

Her jeans were next and she realized that with each step, they would rub against her sore and sensitive ass all the way home.  As she looked into the mirror by the door on the way out, she was surprised at how normal she looked.  She walked outside to discover that it was early morning.  She had been occupied for nearly 18 hours total.  She couldn’t help but wonder how much of it was in trance and how much of was in the session.

She arrived home, thankful to discover that her roommate was already gone for the day and had left a note saying she was going to stay at a friends for the weekend.  Her arousal had only grown as she relived what she had allowed the stranger to do her so she wasted no time getting a camera set up to record from her laptop, stripping down, and humping her day away with a string of incredible orgasms.  All recorded and sent to master without a thought.

With her roommate gone, and her tits and ass so sore and sensitive, she went most of the day with a t-shirt on at most.  Finally, around dinner time the drug wore off and she realized she was crazy hungry and tired.  After a quick meal she fell soundly asleep for the night.  The full reality of everything that had happened waiting to hit her when she woke up the next morning.

Morning dawned and Samantha woke up feeling incredibly well rested.  As she stretched, she became aware of being a bit more sore than usual and looking down, seeing her still swollen, abused tits, she gasped in realization of what had happened.

For months she had been fascinated by erotic hypnosis.  Having never had a boyfriend due to her shyness and the fact that her intelligence intimidated those boys who did find a way to talk to her, she was curious to explore different aspects of sexual activity but didn’t want to go out looking for a bunch of one night stands.  One site in particular had files which worked great for her so when they posted that they were looking for subjects willing to do some trial runs in the UK, where it would be possible to consider some live sessions…or at least real time via skype…she decided to embrace the moment and see what it would involve since she was there for the year as a student.

She was smart.  It was a long while before she would say much about where in the UK she was living.  She found out they wanted to see what was possible in a waking trance with a subject.  How long could they keep them under?  How far could they push the limits?  She tried out files on her own and then several over skype with master allowing her to see recordings and feedback made while under trance.  A trust had been built and she finally confessed that she wanted to share her darkest fantasy but part of it was being forced to do it under hypnosis and then forgetting that it had been shared until after it had come true.  Master told her he would help her out only if he could be the one make it all happen for her.  And so, under trance, she had typed about being unknowingly conditioned to respond to a trigger which would bring her to her unknown master.  She told him of the abuse she dreamed of being forced to take and discovering her hidden pain slut tendencies.  They talked of limits and boundaries.  She told him how she it thought it would feed the arousal to know on some level that it was being shared with the world but that no one would ever know it was her.  Through email and conversations while in trance, she spelled it all out and then master went to work on hiding it all away in her mind until after it was all done.

He had done it all, just as she had asked and he had promised.  And she knew that she would only remember it consciously for as long as her tits visibly reminded her, when he would contact her with another file to begin again.