Welcome to a blog I’ve started to share my more adult only writings.  That being said, a few things before you continue.

If you are under age, leave now.  I know you’re curious and believe that you can do whatever you want but seriously, go enjoy being a kid for awhile longer.  Sex and everything that comes with it, good and bad, will be there for you when you turn 18 (or whatever age is legal where you are).  Being able to innocent only happens when you’re young.  If you’re still curious when you’re of legal age, come on back.

This is strictly fantasy.  Not a how to.  Not an invitation.  And most certainly not a description of how to sweep a woman off of her feet.  If you can’t sort that out, please go get help before you end up in prison on a rape charge….or worse.    This sort of stuff only works in real life if you sit down and have real, honest, open discussions about limits and full consent before you start.  Let’s not be stupid here people.  Safe, Sane, AND Consensual is they only way to really go.

Even in my writings, I’ll always have my limits.

  • No incest
  • No under age
  • No age play
  • No snuff
  • No scat

If like my writing style and have an idea which fits into those paramaters, send me a message and perhaps I’ll run with it.

Finally, no promises as to how often I’ll be checking in here.  It’s just something I’ll be doing to pass the time or when I’m looking for an excuse to avoid the work I really should be doing.   As such, its a basic site.  No fancy graphics or photos.

Enjoy the stories!